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GMD on the Road!

GMD is touring two unique exhibitions that originated at the HGA Gallery.
Each is available for booking at a venue near you ($1,000 fee plus one-way shipping).


The Importance of Drawing: Ralph Rapson's Legacy

Greenbelt House
Ralph Rapson

The influence of Ralph Rapson on architecture is profound. One of his most admired skills--besides designing outstanding, humanistic architecture--is his exceptional ability to draw. This exhibition features examples of Rapson's work in addition to that of many of his Minnesota colleagues and students.  
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"The Importance of Drawing: Ralph Rapson's Legacy" has been to several schools of architecture and is currently touring California. It contains 50 reproduction drawings that demonstrate the enduring power of Rapson's style.


Rural Design: A New Design Discipline


Rural areas worldwide are undergoing profound change creating considerable challenges and stress for its residents and the ecosystems upon which they depend. Rural Design brings design thinking and the problem-solving process of design to rural issues, recognizing that human and natural systems are inextricably coupled and engaged in continuous cycles of mutual influence and response. In conjunction with Dewey Thorbeck’s recently released book on rural design, his exhibition outlines the theoretical base for rural design and the importance of connecting issues to create synergy and optimal solutions from a global, national, state, region, and local perspective.

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This innovative pop-up exhibition is printed on recycled fabric panels and explores the importance of rural design to world sustainability.








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